Over in West Virginia, the West Virginia Manufacturer’s Association asked the state not to implement stricter guidelines on clean water. Because, really, who needs clean water? Not West Virginians, apparently. Why? Because they are fat.

[The Manufacturer’s Association] argue that the EPA encourages states to incorporate state-specific science, and that because West Virginians are heavier, their bodies can handle more pollutants, and that because they drink less water, they are less exposed to the pollutants. They have commissioned a worker to gather that state-specific information.


Certainly, the WV House of Delegates would see through this ludicrous argument and vote in favor of the health of their citizens. No, of course they wouldn’t. They sided with the manufacturers.


It’s not all gloom and doom, I suppose. A different committee put the stricter rules back in place, and the manufacturers have until October to find more sham “state-specific science” to back up their claims. In the meantime, West Virginians are encouraged to gain weight and switch to drinking soda. It’s better for your health, apparently.

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