If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

Just your luck, Dennis Nedry

Thanks to a facebook friend liking one of his posts, I have now discovered the wonderful, slightly twisted world of Jim'll Paint It. People request weird, goofy stuff and Jim paints their requests, in MS Paint.


This image was the result of the following request:

Dear Jim,

Can you paint Dennis Nedry deciding to fuck Jurassic Park off and get some KFC instead. Unfortunately for him the KFC employee who serves him is an angry dilophosaurus.


Martin Vine

I think the best part of this wonderful image is that KFC Dilophosaurus is a trainee.

KFC Dilophosaurus is also now available as a t-shirt.


I kinda need to have a KFC Dilophosaurus t-shirt in my life.

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