My neighbor’s Impala was found again after being stolen a week ago in Detroit. The insurance company totaled the car.

I went with him to retrieve personal belongings out of it as it sat at a towing facility. His daughter had been driving it the night that it was taken, and came back out to the parking lot to find the car gone. Apparently she liked to leave the key in the console while carrying the key fob separately to lock/unlock the doors. This meant that all the thief had to do was break in:

The police managed to apprehend a suspect, who claims that the driver had offered him the keys in exchange for drugs. (...and yet felt the need to poke a hole in the door anyway?)

But the door damage isn’t what totaled the car. This is:


Some personal items were missing from inside (CDs, etc.). But there were some new additions in their place. We found a baby bottle on the floor, and even a whole car seat in the trunk. Looks like somebody’s childhood is off to a rough start.