“I wish I could justify getting a Challenger”

This was a comment left on Facebook under a photo I posted of the new car. My response?

“Fun is a justification.”

Now, obviously everyone has different obligations and responsibilities. But don’t look at me like I needed to buy a Scat Pack. Shit, I don’t even have a driveway. I’ve got 5 cars and I DON’T HAVE A DRIVEWAY.

No, I definitely don’t need it. But I wanted it. I wanted the experience. The sound and the fury. The fun. Why is fun always so low on the priority list? We’ve got a finite amount of time above ground, enjoy it! As my friend Sam Smith said to me recently: “You’re dead for a long time.”


(photos by Andy Perry)

I’m not saying you need to buy a muscle car. I am saying you shouldn’t not buy one for the sake of your retirement fund. Come on dude, have you seen your cholesterol lately? We both know a dirt nap is likely coming before that super secure government backed savings plans comes into play.


Yeah, I did my part to #savethemanuals. Color was secondary to finding a T6060. I talked a big game about the TorqueFlight; I mean I drove that Sublime version 8,100 miles and really ended up digging the ZF 8 speed a lot. In fact, the automatic car is pretty much better in every way: It’s quicker. It gets better gas mileage. It sounds better. There’s more of a tangible feel when you switch to Sport mode in the A8 versus the M6. It’s even got a little soul to it, somehow. It bangs. I really did enjoy it.

But money talks, and when I spent mine I bought the version with the Tremec 6 speed.


And I ended up with a Pitch Black Shaker with flat black stripes and the black forged aluminum wheels. Black blackity black black. All of my friends let out a collective “WTF” when they found out about my color choice. I like driving cars; I don’t like, uh, washing cars...pretty much at all. But my friend Marc Harris at AutoLavish is part-detailer-part-warlock, and he did some kind of crazy spell slash paint correction slash voodoo slash top coat that still now, 3,400 miles later, looks incredible. It’s been raining a lot lately and I LOVE it because the water just beads up and slides off the surface, pretty much washing the car for me.

As a bonus, my wife Darla really digs the car too. We took it on a road trip to the U.P. and discovered how nice a Challenger with all the boxes checked off can be. If I would have ordered one it woulda been zero options. This one is fully loaded...again something I put up with for the sake of the 6 speed. But now that I have vented leather seats, how the hell could I go back to cloth like a peasant? F that noise and pass the Grey Poupon. Oh, yeah, and instead of a spare tire, or whatever usually fills the trunks in these days of mobile inflators, there are 2 10” subs. No, I’ve definitely gotten use blasting NWA at concert levels. Run flats make so much sense now.


And the Shaker. Maybe it doesn’t add any horsepower. Maybe it’s just there to look cool. But man does it look cool! Start the engine, it rocks back and forth. Shift, it rocks with the gear change. Maybe I’m easily amused. I’m definitely easily amused. But this is a pretty rad setup.


So yeah. That’s it. My new car.