The 911 is becoming more mobile again! The oil leak has been fixed, and the brakes will be rebuilt and serviced properly. Pictures and more detail below.

The old valve cover with the very obvious oil leak on the heat exchangers

I’d replaced this valve cover gasket twice in the last year and the leak persisted, so I decided to go all out for the repair; no expense.....within reason.

After consulting Munk’s Motors, it became clear to me that the gasket (even though I forgot to clean the surface and not get oil on the gasket) wasn’t my culprit. The valve cover was warped and created an unequal mating surface even when torqued too high; this also caused the gasket to split.

The new valve cover and silicon-beaded gasket :D
New, shiny, and out of place.

This time, I used brake cleaner and engine degreaser on a rag to clean both surfaces, leveled the car, and used Permatex ultra blue sealant. Waited 24 hours for it to cure, and no more leaks!

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