Here’s what I’ve been up to this and last week and other sturf.

School: My final exams are this week and for once I not a bit nervous or worried about them at all. My grades are the best they’ve ever been in the years I’ve spent in college.

Work: As I’ve mentioned a few time, I’ll be beginning my first ever summer internship the week after finals. I’ll be an Engineering Intern at Futuris Group: An Australian born company that moved to the US because of the eradication of the Australian car manufacturing business. They do automotive interiors for Tesla (Model S, X, and the upcoming 3). This summer is going to be incredibly tough and busy, but it is exactly what I wanted.

BoI (Best of Instagram):


Here’s one of my favorite IG pictures I’ve taken. I like to call it “Biden and his Bodyguards”.

Car Things:

My three damaged wheels were shipped back and are to be replaced with new ones that should arrive tomorrow. Which means I should be able to finally install my summer set tomorrow as well! This is the longest I’ve had winter tires on a car (Nov-May), and it’ll be nice to enjoy a drive without the thought of tire tread and compound in the back of my mind. LMR’s customer service is top notch! Better than I expected with no hassles or complaints.

Also replaced my muffler delete exhaust with a Gibson catback and it’s the bestest Boostang exhaust IMO.


Cat GIF:


Here’s a random cat GIF

Tune of the Time: Don’t Hurt Yourself - by Marillion

Life Sturf:

  • I have a new therapist and so far I’m feeling good about this one after our first meeting.
  • I’ve been having much internal conflict about what I sense around me with my “opened” eyes to how the world and people work after last weekends realization. Often find myself monologuing internally and debating (over analyzing) things as they come and go. I’m inside my head a lot.
  • I’m often “haunted” by memories of past screw ups and mistakes (friendships, relationships and that stuff) that jump into my trains of thought from time to time that make me feel bad about how I could’ve done things differently, even to benefit me better. Hindsight certainly is 20/20, but it’s also kind of a dick of a teacher.
  • Since deactivating Facebook, things have been stagnate or meh. Still kinda don’t have much of a social life nor have I found any new people yet. I find myself curious as to what’s going on around the website but I reckon it’s nothing important or worthwhile. No one’s contacted me or gotten in touch with me for anything, oh well. Feeling alone kinda sucks but I’m used to it.


That’s all I have for now, thank you kindly for reading. To whomever is going to the MI Oppo Meet this upcoming Saturday, I’ll see you there at some time.