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K&N's custom service...

Is actually realy good. After I broke the 1/4" to 5/8" vent tube while assembling my intake and being unable to find a suitable replacement at any local stores, I emailed them on Saturday. They're based in California and don't open until Monday at 8AM do I had to wait until 11AM my time to hope to hear back from them.

Well 11AM came and I didn't hear from them. No problem, they'd just got in to work and have to get settled I'm sure. So my lunch break comes at 12 and I give them a call since I hadn't heard from them yet. I talked to a very nice girl, gave her my info and the part number and she said they're sending me a replacement part under warranty and it should arrive within the week.


I spent an hour getting the broken off threads out of the pipe yesterday, so it should be an easy install once the part comes. Here's a naked Hot Wheels Mustang for your time.

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