It involves this...(The picture explains it all). Look at the car, and those engines. Warning, stupid idea below. :P

I know this is a bit crazy and possibly stupid, but here me out.

Modern Porsche 917 Flat-12 Engine + Porsche 911 = Aventador Ass-Kicking German Wörking, Complicated Precision Instrument of Doom!

Just picture that for a second. This:


In one of these:


Deadlier than a Carrera GT, less fuel efficient than a 918 Spyder, but better than an Aventador in every way!

How to do this? Simple! We put two 3.4L Flat-6 motors together, for a 6.8L Flat-12! Adding the extra intake manifolds for the second engine; just doubling everything essential for the engine.


Then we some transmission that can handle all the POWER and Torques the engine will make. We take a 911, elongate the wheelbase and body, drop the mechanicals in and BAM! Modern Flat-12 German sex on wheels.


Yes, this idea may be stupid, but I just love the thought of this.

Continue with your day Oppo.