K-Roll’s Guide to Replacing your 931's RMS: Step 2-2.5

next step in removing the torque tube to get to the bellhousing is disconnecting the CV bolts at the rear axles. You’d think this would be easy, but triple square bolts are quite evil.


You only need to disconnect the 12 at the transmission side, and I succeeded in removing 11/12 and disconnecting the passenger axle. What you see here is the stubborn 12th: rounded out and stuck with the driver side. Gonna have to cut the head off this one.

In the meantime, let’s quickly look at the wastegate actuator I removed this morning.


Fun fact: the 930 and 931 share the same wastegate. This was the cause of my exhaust rattle, the bracket supporting it to the torque tube was at least. It’d failed and because the only thing left holding the wastegate was the J-Pipe connected to the exhaust header. Below you’ll see the original and broken zinc chromate coated next to my replacement.


At least until I get that last axle bolt out, I can unbolt the torque tube from the bellhousing and accessories from it as well. That’ll be “Step 3” later in the week.

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