K-Roll's 944 Lyfe: Everything seems to be going to hell now ;_;

Yeah, things are not going well right now for me and my car.

A while ago, I posted this video of the multiple sounds coming from my car at cold start; there was squealing, tapping, and a loping sound all at once. Now that I've gone to a 944-specific forum for advice, I can now say with certainty that I'm rightfully terrified of what I've got the chance of, and may eventually face in the coming months.


The tapping sound is actually one of two belts, the timing or balance shaft belt, being rather worryingly loose at cold start and hitting my timing belt cover, under which both reside. If it's the timing belt making the noise and it goes, I'll have bent valves and lots of money put into head work, money that I haven't got right now.

If it's the balance shaft belt and it goes, it'll take the timing belt with it and the aforementioned nightmare will happen.

So I have to quickly figure out and learn how to change those belts and rollers come March with my only guide being the internet and my own hands; frankly I'd rather not trust the internet even if the sources for doing the work are the most reliable. I'd much rather prefer having someone with the experience right next to me to help me out when I need it.

The second issue is that loping sound, which may be...........rod knock. I'll have to drain the oil and see if there are any metal shavings within the oil. If it's not that and a milkshake like substance, then I've got failed oil cooler seals. This is all dependent on what my oil looks like.


Then, I've got the cam tower gasket leaking tiny amounts of oil. I knew this beforehand and it wasn't going to be a big deal before this, because it was the only real issue I had at the time before these other noises reared their ugly heads at me.

This, is most likely going to be hell, and one I have to tackle on my own; and knowing all the potential risks with this, I'm very afraid to do what needs to be done.


I really hope this isn't going to be as horrible as I'm thinking it'll be, suffice to say, I won't be sleeping so easily anymore for a while.


God help me, this is going to be a stressful spring. If there's any solace in all of this, at least I don't have to replace the water pump. But I have to get this done, if not for my on sanity, for my car, and the Kittens!!


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