Here’s the good and the bad from the trip to the shop.

The Good: The car got to the shop safely and I know they’ll do a good job.

The Bad: My dad and I(when I say him, I mean myself for allowing him to accompany me to the shop) fucked this one up good.


The first fuckup on my part was that I towed the car to the shop with most of the top of the engine disassembled. I hadn’t thought of it at first, but they were planning on test driving the car or seeing if it ran at all before getting into repairs, and I sent them the damn motor not fully together. I was in the process of doing so when I called a tow truck last night. They had said they were 45 minutes away when I was getting things together, only to call back 5 minutes later to say the ETA was 15 minutes....I will be incurring added labor costs to put the top of the motor back together. How much, I don’t know.

My second fuckup was somehow allowing my dad to control the situation and I take full blame for this one....He doesn’t seem to understand the idea that my intentions with the car were to fix things as they go wrong, UNLESS many things go wrong at once, necessitating multiple sorts at once; rather than sort the car out all in one go. The two times I’ve taken the 944 to a shop, I’ve done it myself and it’s gone quite well. But this time......I only asked them to tension the belts and replace the speed and reference sensors because I knew that’s what the problems and symptoms pointed to, and I have asked another shop, many forums, and looked at shop manuals to figure this out. Even so, my dad thinks I have no fucking idea what I’m talking about, and asked them to do a full-on inspection(the FIRST one this car will ever have, as the previous was only suspension based) to find anything else that may be wrong, and I’ll be footing the bill on anything that they do find wrong in said inspection. That also includes doing the things I was going to service myself in the next week(my passenger door handle, trans fluid change, alignment....). And at the same time all this is happening, he’s making me look like an uneducated idiot in front of the service advisor who is a friend of a friend of mine. -_-

Now, I get the good intentions behind this(so I don’t get stranded again), and it’s nice of him to be only paying for the inspection($100) but dammit, if I’m the one paying for the repairs, and he knows damn well I have school supplies and crap I’ll need to be getting in a couple weeks and I only planned on fixing the things that prevented it from running. So now I have to tack on more stuff to the list, I really hope they find nothing wrong aside from what I already know...Someone said the next day after stressing failures of repairs would be better, I’m not so sure at this point. I guess it’s just another day..?

EDIT: Thanks to two Oppos, I remembered that I can actually deny or not do some repairs even when the inspection makes note of them, that’s actually quite the relief now that’s been cleared up!


I’ll be expecting a call once they’ve put the motor back together and do that inspection...

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