K-Roll's Guide to Replacing your 931's RMS: Step 1

Remove the exhaust system. This is the easiest thing to do besides getting the car off the ground and disconnecting the battery.


The main system (muffler/not shown, and midpipe->turbo/#7) as shown above are held in place by a few nut/bolt combos and hangers on the torque tube and rear body. Working from the the rear forwards, remove the muffler section, disconnect the starter for extra space, and unbolt the midpipe the cat section from the turbo and pull it free. While you’re in there, remove the J-pipe/#28 from the wastegate and exhaust header.

Also, remember that your wastegate support bracket has failed and needs to be replaced, which requires the wastegate assembly be removed and has nothing to do with replacing the RMS. BUT while you’re in there, ya might as well...

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