You read that correctly. I did just say that it's not the end, and it's definitely the start of something new, allow me to explain. I shall try to keep this as organized as possible, but for the sake of effort, every topic will have it's own number.

(I did do a similar post when the news and rumors broke out last year, here's the original below)…

1. Porsche going FI isn't the end of the world for Porschephiles

Why is that, you might say, because it's Porsche. Porsche does something special, that in my opinion, no other company does best right now. They know exactly what they're doing.


Porsche know's how to do technology and improvements without being drastic and crazy about it. They won't be making the next cars better than the current Turbo and Turbo S right off the back. Porsche is very good with incremental improvements and that is what we'll see here. The next cars will probably loose some weight, either keep or raise horsepower, but get a huge bump in torque.

First off, the new 911s will be getting turbocharged versions of the GT3RS engine, albeit detuned for obvious reasons; now we will have 911s with engines designed and built with engines directly from a freaking race car! That's awesome! :)


Second, Porsche's chief engineer, Wolfgang Hatz, has stated that even with the turbocharging, 911s will keep their traditionally high revving motors, unlike Mclaren. He has also stated the 911 will never get the Flat-4, it must stay a Flat-6 for obvious reasons; and personally, I believe he understands the want and desire of a 911 with an N/A feel, so I'm thinking perhaps they'll go a route that sees low pressure turbos tuned to have a power delivery that matches N/A 911s to the best ob their ability, much like Ferrari has done with the California T. So we're not loosing out in the performance or the sound area, which leads me to number 2.

2. The California T and Panamera Turbo S

Just listen to these two cars, don't they sound awesome for FI cars? I think so, and so should you. Why, because this sounds better than a damn electric car. And I'll gladly take this over a silent vehicle where I imagine the only thing I'll hear is road noise...

Porsche is all about engine noises and exhaust notes, I trust them to do something amazing with these engines and their sounds, and we shouldn't knock it at all. At least until we've heard it.


And if it's still a big deal, go out and buy an aftermarket exhaust:

3. Enthusiasts need to get off their high horses

This is probably going to be the point that gets me the most flak, but it's true, and the only people that won't accept it are the ones who know it to be true. I am telling car enthusiasts, myself included, to get the fuck off of their high horses and stop bitching about things in cars that don't go the way they want them to. Why? I'll explain quite easily:

Can you afford this?


Or this?


How about this?


Maybe a couple of these?


Because if you CAN afford any of these, only then do you have the right to bitch and moan about these not or no longer having naturally aspirated engines and having too much technology and shit. The rest of you including myself, and basically everyone save for a small select group of individuals, should essentially shut the fuck up about how "it doesn't have a V8", or "It's loosing something special", and, "N/A 4 Lyfe", because quite frankly, no one important gives a shit.

Who's important, you might be wondering.

1. the people with the money to afford one new, who don't give a shit about your special car heritage rants.


2. Rich people

3. People who only care about the numbers you see on paper and in magazines

4. PEOPLE with MONEY!!

Who are you other people, much like myself who are or were bitching about this?

1. Poor people

2. Broke as fuck

3. The people who would rather find a used version of the car or wait for a used one because they can't afford one new


4. Keyboard warriors who bitch about this shit on the internet other than doing something constructive with their day

5. Will never EVER have the money for one and will most likely die without ever owning one because you could never afford one to begin with because you wasted all your time bitching about it here.


This isn't about car enthusiasts, it may have been a long time ago but it sure as hell isn't now. This is about money and money alone. You think they make cars for enthusiasts, you're wrong, they make cars like these so that rich people will and can buy them as status symbols preaching about power, money and "heritage" they know nothing about; while enthusiast will argue that they'll buy the cars second-hand and not take the depreciation hit and save more money, money that won't go to any of these companies right off the back if ever. They're selling to a specific market of rich blokes, not us poor-ass peasants wanting and waiting to reap the "benefits" and bread crumbles from the floor of the rich dining table.

Also that rich blokes only care about power and 0-60 times as seen in magazines, so automakers comply to these demands for more power by doing what they can, and lets be honest; naturally aspirated engines are on their last legs for making crazy amounts of power without the help of blowers(Hellcats, Shelby's, ect.), and it's nowhere near feasible to drop V12s and big motors in everything, so there's that.


Simply put, car enthusiasts don't run the car market and should simply let the rich people run it because they've got the money to buy whatever the hell they want; and if they really want to do something, get off the computer and go outside and make some damn money! Or just sit at your computer and bitch about this and die knowing you'll never be able to afford one for some reason.

What's my point here:


That being said, I welcome these new 911s to the world with open arms. On a side note, I hope the Mustang comes with a V6 Ecoboost in the next couple of years!!! :)


And also to never write posts when you're in a dark mood...