Five years ago, one of my earliest and close-to first posts consisted of what I believed were the ugliest cars as of 2013. I’m moving forwards in time and giving you my top 10 ugliest cars, announced or for sale as of 2018! *In no particular order*

*The original post for nostalgia*

10-McLaren Senna


Don’t get me wrong, function over form is a great thing....sometimes. And certain aspects of the cars design are elegant and downright awesome. It’s just the whole package (wing included) that kills it for me.

9-BMW X7


Kidney Cancer at it’s all-time worst. Can’t wait for a “rapper” or affluent individual of an origin to request a pink one. If it’s someone in the Middle East, I’ll be able to make “Sultan of Swine” jokes.

8-Lamborghini Urus


It’s just ugly. Donked from the factory, nothing about this is attractive; nor are the eventual chrome and other gaudy wraps and mods that’ll be coming soon......wait.


7-Chevy Camaro (2019 Facelift)


This is what happens when you let Michael Bay design a car.

6-Toyota Avalon (in any trim)


That maw......There is nothing elegant about this. I hate to say it, but Lexus did it better. SO MUCH BETTER.

5-Hyundai Kona


Remember when the Cherokee came back, and it had that stupid DRL mounted above the actual headlights disaster. It was thankfully fixed in it’s facelift, but I guess Hyundai decided to have a crack at it. They didn’t do much better, they did worse.

4-Chevy Silverado HD


Take me home, country roads, to the place, where this doesn’t exist....

3-Chevy Blazer


This is what happens when you let Michael Bay design an SUV...



WTF is this??

1- I had to search hard because at this point I couldn’t find anything else. So I picked two random supercars. Here’s the...

Mazzanti Evantra Millecavalli


And the...

Ferrari 599 GTZ Nibbio Zagato


There ya go.