There’s one particular reason why I’ve never aspired to own a new supercar or hyper car. Aside from being made of “unobtanium”, the whole lot of’em. At least where I am, the majority of them (80-85%) are all driven by elderly people that look to be in their 60s and up. Never once have I thought, “I’d like to be that elderly gentleman in that 458/Huracan/ect.”.

No disrespect to any elderly supercar owners. Of course they can afford it and be awesome grandparents with sweet cars in one perspective.

I just like to think if I was to be inspired by anyone to own an expensive supercar one day, it would be someone my age or closer to my age. But that spectrum is quite sh*t too. 😂

People will say “What about Vehicle Virgins or Shmee150?!?” They are young and fit your description, but.....


Then I say “Why the hell would I want to be some spoilt rich kid millionaire/billionaire daddies boy?!?”. And having met Vehicle Virgins in person a couple weeks ago when he was showing off his new Huracan that replaced his wrecked Gallardo, I can assure you there’s nothing inspiring or impressive about the guy. Comes off as pretentious, and if you’re not in the same level as him (young with much money and expensive cars), you don’t really belong there. I didn’t feel like I belonged with him and his group in the hour I spent around him. If anything, it made me feel like a lesser human being (which I’m NOT BTW) because I’d nothing like the cars they had. But I do have two awesome classic P-Cars and a Mustang on the way so it’s by no means all bad. I also learned that night that success is not defined by wealth or objects 100%.


I guess what I’m saying, is if you want to one day own one of those poster cars, I don’t think you’ll find any positive inspiration from the current generation of owners. Self inspiration is good inspiration. :p

I would one day like to own a 488 GTB, Cayman S, or DB10 one day...What inspiration have you lot for the cars you dream of? ^_^

*civil discussion plox*