So as many of you know, i own a GLI. I was going to sell it and buy a new mustang GT, but due to some things going on recently, I decided to keep my hopped up jetta.

Truth is, i really like this damn car and i thought “if I’m not going to spend my money on a new car, I might as well make my current one fast as all hell!”

Enter the Borg Warner K04.

This is the Turbo found on those new fancy schmancy mk7 GTI’s. It makes the mk6 A LOT faster. Allong with the Turbo, the car’s getting a stage 2 clutch (rated for 450ftlbs) A Wavetrac Limited Slip Diff, a downpipe, a dogbone insert, solid emgine mounts, and a locking subframe mount.


The total bill for round 1 of this build? $8,800, and that’s before the FMIC and brake booster beace, which I’m buying separately and installing myself!


One thing’s for sure though, the car will absolutely fly with these mods. I’m going from approximately 225whp to just about 305whp! This car just got very interesting.

I’ll update you guys on my money pit after the turbo is in, so on the Tuesday of next week :)