These two are my personal most frequently searched 4x4s in my price range. An XJ Cherokee, and an ‘88-’98 K1500. As I continue to struggle to find a decent example of either, I’m wondering which one Oppo would rather have. Keep in mind, both must be 4wd.

Above is the 1st candidate. The XJ Cherokee (with the 4.0), a 4x4 that is loved and cherished by many Oppos. I have personally never had any experience with one, but everyone who has one loves theirs. And it seems like a vehicle that would be perfectly suited to my wants for a DD (reliable, entertaining, cheap to maintain, and versatile). However, this is my issue. The XJ above is my optimal XJ. I think the 2 door XJs are WAY cooler than the 4 doors. Don’t get me wrong, if I can find a mint 4 door, I’d be interested. But a 2 doir would be fantastic. Problem is, everybody who has one keeps theirs.


Above is the 2nd candidate. A K1500, shown here in my favorite configuration (Single cab, short bed). Unlike the XJ, I have looked at a few and driven them. While the ones I looked at wwere too rough dor my liking, I really liked the way they drove. Like the Jeep, they also fit within all of my criteria for a DD. I also prefer the looks to the Jeep, personally. Yet, my issue seems to be that it is nearly impossible to find a clean K1500 in my region, which is why I haven’t bought one yet.

So, which one would you have?

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