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Karma IS On My Side

Something very funny happened over the past 24 hours involving my nanny. You should all probably read this, as it might teach you a lesson about social media.

So my nanny, a 20-something college student, has a public twitter account just like most early 20-somethings do. Unbeknownst to her, we monitor it. Closely. Lately, we've been a bit annoyed by some of the things that she's been saying on twitter about my three children and her job. She asked for last week off (which she got), and then suddenly told us last Friday that she'll be taking ANOTHER week off starting THIS Friday. We were NOT happy about this. I guess it's time to find a fill in, right?


So last night, my wife checks the nanny's twitter feed again and she said that she's QUITTING HER JOB TOMORROW (today)!! O REILLY?! We call the fill-in nanny (who comes VERY highly recommended from a friend of ours) and she can work the rest of the summer for us. Bases covered. The funny thing, though?

We agreed to give her an extra $200 bonus at the end of her work day today as part of a raise package a few weeks ago. But since she quit last night via her TWITTER, she no longer qualifies for that.


The lesson? Be VERY careful what you say on social media. Tipping your hand on future moves might just put you in a bad predicament.

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