Usually I visit Pole Position right when they open, and have it all to myself. Today there were four other folks in my race, so some competition for a change! Some pretty heavy pileup carnage early on, as the person in front of me spun out a bunch, and I and the next guy behind me weren’t prepared for it.

I got to try out the tips handed to me by an impromptu coach last time: lean your weight out of turns, to increase grip, and stay off the brakes in the corners. Someone here also recommended not braking at all. That worked until I was bumper to bumper, whereupon brakes were needed, given that he was braking a lot.

Video is invaluable for figuring out where and how to improve. The line through the last hairpin was one of the weaknesses for me.

They just posted signup for the May league series: $300 for four sessions. I’m sorely tempted.