Karting: Who was in the wrong here?

This past weekend, my brother and I went Karting at a local indoor facility. I just got a GoPro and decided to take a few videos. We usually post very similar times and occasionally see some action while we are there. We are by no means the fastest drivers, but we try and make it out at least twice a month for some heats.


In the attached video, we have our usual Sunday challenge. A guy with an annual pass who we often see and know is very quick. This time he brought his wife who we both assume can also drive well. This is the context of the video...

Feel free to watch the whole thing but the incident occurs around the 2:30 mark and after. She is Kart 12, my brother is ahead of me in Kart 2. Just wondering who was ultimately in the wrong. I will admit that I was being a bit aggressive trying to get around at certain points, however, I feel I have ample notice of my presence as well as the staff throwing a blue flag at least once. Looking for any feedback on this. I am not trying to be a professional but would like feedback on how I could improve.

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