Kavanaugh Thoughts

I like the color of the hub caps on this car. A set of these would look good on Rusty.

I’ve been too busy actually earning my salary today to note whether anyone has said anything today on Oppo about the Kavanaugh thing. Something that has struck me is how forcefully certain women in my life have reacted. My wife won’t be quieted over her disgust with the frat boy. A conservative woman at my school site — the only educator I discuss any politics with — is herself a professed Christian and vehemently pronounces Dr. Ford as a piece of SHIT! For my part, what triggers me is that when I was in high school, and I graduated Class of ‘82, we had a frat boy set we called the Preppies. They had their keg parties and their country club and their soirees, and their cotillions, and all of that, and I was persona non grata at any of them because I was not part of the set. I was an outsider. A social leper.

Personally? Democrat dirty pool or not, I think the Kavanaugh product is now damaged goods. As forcefully as the Trump Administration pronounced how proud they all were of Judge Kavanaugh’s performance, they may also be sharpening their knives. Trump Opposite World and all of that. I think they ought to withdraw Kavanaugh and put forth Amy Coney Barrett, more conservative than Kavanaugh by some accounts, and the Progressives’ just deserts.


Anyone who hitches their wagon to Donald Trump, it seems to me, does so at their own peril.

I have a few other thoughts, but I just thought I’d share my $0.02 in case anybody was interested.

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