At an info session during Gamescom 2013, Kazunori Yamauchi claimed that players could use GT6's Course Maker to create tracks in an area of "100 kilometers by 100 kilometers", or 10,000 square kilometers. GTPlanet reports that Andreas Nie, InsideSimRacing's European correspondent, approached him to clarify that.

At about the 8:53 mark in the above episode of ISR, Nie recounts how he spoke with Gran Turismo producer Kazunori Yamauchi through a translator and discussed the 10,000 square kilometer claim as well as the skepticism that it had been met with. He asked Yamauchi if he'd meant that all of the possible locations that could be used in the Course Maker would total 10,000 square kilometers, and Yamauchi responded that he meant what he said - that players could create tracks inside a total area of 10,000 square kilometers (about 3,861 square miles) in GT6 using the in-game Course Maker.

However, Yamauchi then went on to say that the team wasn't 100% sure that the Course Maker would end up being capable of 100 km by 100 km, and that it might end up being capable of 50 km by 50 km instead. GTPlanet notes that 50 km by 50 km, or 2,500 square kilometers, is still a massive figure, and offers these numbers for comparison:

As mind-boggling as these numbers are, such an expansive landscape in a driving game is actually not without precedence; Test Drive Unlimited 2 reportedly contained over 1,600 square kilometers, and Codemaster’s Fuel featured more than 14,500 square kilometers. Forza Horizon, the large-environment game closest to GT6 in terms of driving physics, spans roughly 163 square kilometers.


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[Image credit: InsideSimRacing]