So earlier, in response to the guy who suggested a GT40 was a modern car cause it was built after 1950, I asked how you define a modern car. Gandalf the Wise referenced KBB's and NADA's 20 year cutoff for classics. Meaning anything less than 20 years old was modern. In an effort to discredit that, I asked KBB what I should pay for an excellent condition, fully loaded, 1993 Miata. With only 10 miles. Yes, ten. A few test drives. KBB thinks I can buy one off of some poor sucker for $3,325. You can knock $400 off the price if you are willing to buy the same car but with a still low for its age 50k miles. A clean 1993 Miata for $2,925?

So I ask: What is KBB smoking? What other way off, either too high or too low, figures does KBB give you? Post the car, year, condition, miles and of course price in the comments below.