Continuing on the theme of bikes (EICMA show is this weekend) looks like bikes are moving a bit more modern and interesting in styling. my problem thus far has been everything looking like it was designed in 2006.

dat price tag.

I have nothing against Keanu branching out, nor him making his own motorcycle company. Living the dream, good for him.

I have a problem with the bikes costing $80,000+ and not being even remotely as batshit as say, a confederate model. Especially when MV Agusta’s most expensive bike is about $26,000.


I will confess my ignorance when it comes to motorcycles (just getting into them) but I was under the impression that MV agusta was kinda the gold standard for expensive bikes outside of full custom builds, and even then you are talking about a $55,000 price difference. I get why people will buy them (exclusivity, star power, disposable income ect.) but I just can’t see enough tangible or emotional differentiation to justify that kind of price tag, especially when bikes made to be similar to competition ones can be had for an entire car less.