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Warning: non-car-related, keyboard-heavy content ahead.

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I finally found a good IBM Model M after searching for one for ages. I found it by chance at an electronics thrift store for only $56 after my student discount, and it’s in really excellent condition. A couple keycaps are very slightly shiny, despite being PBT, but there’s little to no yellowing and the color is uniform throughout. It’s obviously been moderately well-used but very well cared-for.

It’s a later Lexmark model from 1995 despite the gray label, but even so, it’s the most robust keyboard I’ve ever owned by a mile (and at that price, I just couldn’t pass it up). I’d kill for slightly longer key travel and a slightly less pingy sound, but the actual key feel is just indescribably smooth and solid. This was also the same store where I found one of the “cop boards” with rubber domes on top of MX Blacks, and a built-in trackpad for $5 (if you live in Portland there were still 3 left when I went the other day, so go nuts).

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