I can be fickle sometimes when it comes to my automotive desires but the want for a car that slipped through my fingers keeps coming back.

In 2000, I was flush with money from working two jobs and living with my parents. I was just about to turn 22, and discovered the wonder of Ebay Motors. Up in Raleigh there was a black 1970 Cougar convertible - in restorable, complete driver condition - and my bid of $5000 was top bid until about five minutes before the end of the auction. Alas, due to my 56k dialup and some slow reflexes, my new bid of $5500 wasn’t placed in time to catch up.

I still want one.

And I look for old Cougars on Craigslist (the automotive section, guys) on a pretty regular basis.

And this caught my eye. If I had the cash it’d be in my driveway tomorrow.