Keep, Flip, Part out

As probably most people here, I love the Datsun S30 Z-cars.
I have been looking at them for quite some time but quite recently I decided now is as good as any time to go get one (actually 10 years ago would have been better, but anyway).

My criteria are:

  • Driveable with a small amount of work (I already have too many projects to finish)
  • No more than surface rust
  • Ideally orange
  • Ideally with small bumpers
  • Able to be in North-East France in April

The paint doesn’t have to be perfect, I prefer a bit of patina to a bad rust repair/paint job.
This is a car I plan on keeping.
A 4 seater would be ideal (dad life), but they are quite hard to find here, and cost about the same as the 2 seaters while beeing less desirable.


I currently have 3 cars saved that seem intersting:

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The first one is a 240Z from Oregon. t has been repainted in metallic blue, I don’t know if that is the original paint though. The engine has been overhauled at some point, but the fuel pump has to be replaced and the brakes need some work. I asked the seller for a compression test, it turned out to be at 11 bar on all but one cylinder, which is at 10. So the engine seems healthy. The front right fender needs some paint, the bumpers are a bit dented but should be ok,, the interior needs carpetting. Otherwise it looks quite nice. The price is at 14.900€, shipping would cost 850€. It’s about 5h30 away from my place.
My take: it looks nice, The price seems right if the new paint doesn’t hide bad rust repairs. I’d probably swap the wheels but overall I like it.

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The second one is a 280Z from California. It appears to have its original color, and no rust, is said to run and drive well, and the interior looks ok. It still has its 5MPH bumpers, which obviously need to go. Oh and it has a 5 speed! The paint is badly faded and pretty boring, but I could live with that. The price is at 14.900€ too. It is 7h30 away from my place.
My take: probably the most reasonable. I guess it just needs a good service (and small bumpers) and I could drive it. The color is quite boring though.

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The third one is a 240Z from California. It’s the cheapest but also the roughest from the lot. It appear to be a black car that’s been badly resprayed orange. The aftermarket radiator indicates that some work has been done to it, but the ad doesn’t say much about it other than it’s a good restoration basis.
Maybe the respray can be savec by sanding/polishing, but even though it’s my favorite color, right now it looks quite terrible. The dashboard looks bad and the driver side mirror is missing. the seats look ok at first sight.
It is for sale for 10.999€ and is about 3h45 away from my place.
My take: It is orange and cheap! But also looks like yet another project I won’t have the time to tackle.


What does oppo think? Feel free to send me other/better cars

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