*KINJAAAAA!!!* Keep Holding The TC Disable Button down...

Actually this is from an Elantra, but the button layout is the same...

and after 20 seconds it bings a bunch of times and flashes a big warning on the info display “Traction Control And Stability Control Disabled”

It also turns on the forward collision avoidance error light.

OK Then :)


slidewayz for dayz

Not My Video In Case You Didn’t Realize From The Plate And Weather

It does get angry with you if you go over 4500 RPM without hooking up traction and cuts throttle, but it’s got loads of torque and you can manually upshift it to keep the wheels spinning if you really need all the wheelspin you can get. Angry rev-limit bouncing donuts are a no go, but it happily keeps putting torque to the rear so the front will point wherever you want it to swing if you stay within the rules. And it’s very well behaved while doing it.

Perfect? No.

Pretty darn good? Yes!

Now about that total lack of steering feel....

EDIT: I thought this post had been lost in the ether... hence my second, somewhat more succinct one :P stupid Kinja

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