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Keep it or Flip it? Help me Oppo-one-Kenobe you are my only hope! For $3k did I win or lose?

So the other night I was enjoying a very good scotch or 3, and I ended up on this Business Liquidation Auction site I frequent (I have bought a lot of good tools a nice Air Compressor etc from this site in the past) and they had this truck for sale.

Very few people had bid on it, and I possibly a little drunk put in this lowball bid that ended up winning all in with Auction Fees for $3000. I was shocked, now I have been looking for a small Truck to do some light duty Towing minor hauling essentially Honda Ridgeline type stuff.


So the question is what do I do with this 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 V6 Short Bed Regular Cab?

The Good:

Runs strong, Shifts good, throws no codes


The Bad:

It is a bit beat up, Needs a drivers Mirror and a drivers Seat Belt


The tint on the drivers window is horrible

Next nice weekend we have when the world sketchiest self service car wash with hot water is open I will delouse the thin inside and out, it is full of Junk, and probably decided it is 45 degrees out and raining in Atlanta today so Iā€™m not going to mess with it right now.
So What do you think Oppo for $3000 did I win or lose?


Pic dump of junkyness


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