Hey Oppo. I’m happy to announce that the music posts are back!

After a longer absence from my music posts than I would’ve liked, I’m back.

Today, I would like to share not only one of my favorite early 90s songs, but it’s a song that my entire family loves. My parents introduced me to Ace of Base when I was a kid. I’ve routinely heard this song in the car with my parents or at home. I’ve grown to love it. It’s very 90s, but it’s good and upbeat. The 1994 hit “The Sign” by Swedish group Ace of Base became the #1 hit on the US’ Billboard Hot 100 chart at year’s end. It’s one of those guilty pleasure songs that I know every word to and love singing.

I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes, I saw the sign, Oppo.

As per usual, enjoy.