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Keep Oppo Bad Company

This song does a pretty good job of describing things for me right now. One day you’re up, And the next day you’re down, though overall, the song has a decidedly positive note. I will face the sun, leaving shadows far behind. I’m reading about the Battle of Britain right now, and these lyrics bring to my mind Churchill’s “broad, sunlit uplands.


I’ve been on a major Free/Bad Company/The Firm/Paul Rodgers kick lately. This music was a very big part of my high school and college years. I’m also feeling tinges of what might be called a midlife crisis. Not that I want to relive my youth or go buy a sports car (well, I do want a sports car, just not for those reasons), but more an intense nostalgia for my younger days. That’s probably exacerbated by current events. I’m sure that once I can get back to my regularly scheduled programming, I’ll enjoy being old again. It’s just hard to see that happening any time soon.

Thanks for indulging me, Oppo.

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