Probably the first time all of those words have been gathered together.

I like Oddball Canadian cars and their brochures. I also like Northern Irish solid gold 80s hits so there you go. I didn’t have a stereo growing up, but our basement was basically a bar, complete with the Canadian Navy and a jukebox. Both were well stocked. My teenage moving away part was in the lingo of the time “a massive SHAKER”.

my parents totally skipped Lps and casettes, we had singles, I miss singles. When mom likes a song on the radio, dad picked it up at the jukebox store. That was a thing. When my Friends were buying Soundgarden CDs at the mall I was buying catalouge 45s in a sketchy part of town. It was still there till about 1995. about a block from Benchracer’s house in the hood.

This is one of those songs my folks liked.