Keep Oppo car related?

Trek bicycles partnered with Penske Racing and Fox Shocks to develop the Re:Activ damper. Pretty cool stuff going on here. Science FTW!

I may have to check out the bike swap next spring. Turns out that my quest to improve my bike might be morphing. From the digging I’ve done I may be SOL when it comes to swapping to a 1x11 or even 2x10 setup on my bike. Turns out parts availability on 10 year old bikes starts getting limited. It doesn’t look like there is a driver available for my vintage Mavic Crossmax wheelset that would allow me to put on a 10 or 11 speed cassette.


On the other hand we rode a different set of trails Saturday and I didn’t run into my weird gearing gap that plagues me on a lot of rides. Turns out the place I usually ride might just have nasty climbs.

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