I’ve change my build “style” in Forza 6. I still have no idea what I’m doing. However, now that in-game cash is far easier to come by, trial and error is a lot less frustrating. $10,000 for racing slicks I might delete in a two minutes? Sure! After you win a few $1,000,000 spins, anything goes. This turbo Alpine is the most ridiculous car I’ve built so far. If you hammer on the throttle while exiting a corner, the front end lifts up and it turns into a Morgan 3-wheeler. Efficient? Of course not. Hilarious? Definitely.

My general philosophy:

1. Handling first (slicks, brakes, coils, weight reduction, tire width).

2. Any breathing room left? Bump the power up until the car is at the top of its class.

3. Test Drive.

4. Add a race (adjustable) transmission if the gear ratios no longer make sense.

5. Fine tuning - fiddle with the power and handling mods to make the vehicle as well-rounded as possible. I usually go overboard on the handling modifications and end up with a very slow car that gets eaten by the AI on the straights. Then I have to ratchet back the tire compound, weight reduction, etc. and add more POWAHHH.


Oppo, how do you build your cars? There are just so many ways to mess around in Forza 6:

Luxo-SUV drifting? Check.


Adding more turbo your Esprit Turbo? Of course.

You want a 900 horsepower TT RS5? You got it.


Rollover at 100+ on the Bathurst main straight? Carnage.

... unintentionally painting most of your cars green? Guilty as charged.

So, which iteration of Forza do you play? 4, 5, or 6? And what is your go-to strategy for car building?