Keep Oppo Hockey

Hey there, Oppo! As we're all swept up in the fridge-of-your-seat (get it?!) excitement of the Winter Olympics, let's remember that it's not all premature biathalon celebrations and figure skating.

Olympic hockey is going on as well, and Team USA may just be the team to beat. I write for a couple hockey sites, and I just had a piece go live about their chances. Here's a sample:

God, Jesus, Buddha, and Vishnu sat around a table, watching hockey. They loved it, but Buddha turned to God and said, "What if we took the NHL, and just blew it up! All new teams, like a fantasy draft, but for real. And we'll add in players from the other best hockey leagues in the world, too, like the KHL and the Elitserien!" And ye, God did look upon Buddha and say, "That's a bitchin' idea, Buddha, but let's pair them up by country so they care super hard."

And so there was Olympic hockey.


If you like that, please click on over to my piece HERE on PuckBuddys, who actually got a shout out on Deadspin yesterday.

And for your time, here's some other American gold. Thanks!

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