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Keep Oppo Home additions.

This is my Uncle Pat’s house, he had a retirement party Saturday. He is also my Godfather. I noticed yesterday how many additions this house has had. Also as a 120 year old house it could tell you endless stories. Also it has some architectural neatness.

My grandparents bought this house in late 1957 a few months after my dad was born. He was the 7th of 12 children.

From the street.

Let’s first look at what could have been the first addition and a history that I know of the house.


The Bay Window.

As told by my Uncle Mike, the bay window was added by the original owner of the house, a Doctor. The floor in the Bay Window was always neat to me, but I know why after this weekend. It has bits of different tiles in a abstract mosaic of pieces of decorative tiles from different parts of the world. ( Sorry, no photo because I didn’t take any of it yet)


Next is visible from the last photo is the kitchen. And below is the back of the house.


Kitchen is on left, what we called as the Back Porch was an enclosed area where my Grandpa had his weightlifting weights and stereo. I recall him blasting polka music while we swam in the pool.

Above the Porch was my uncle Pats room.

To the right from the rear was a bathroom and shower to accommodate my Uncle John in 1986 when he broke his back and became paralyzed. See also the wheelchair ramp in first photo.


My Grandpa was a lawyer and he and his brother did some political things back in the 50's but were straight shooters and didn’t play games and got out of it after a few years, or were pushed out.

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