..I have to get a cortizone shot on the bunion on my left big toe.

My podiatrist can’t do it until Monday and no one else is available at his office this week.


My doctor isn’t available and no one at his office will authorize it.

Urgent Care said no for the same reasons as my doctor’s office, but mainly because they don’t carry it.

So, I’m about to have a big bill from the ER.


Been limping all day long. The pain won’t allow me to sleep tonight and without the shot, I won’t be able to walk tomorrow. The shitty part is that I had this issue for almost a year and only today do I get a shooting pain in my foot that has increased all day.


At least the nurse and support staff are hitting me with double entendres.

Update: so talk about a day going sideways — the ER couldn’t help me either! They were able to contact my podiatrist and he’s allowing me to walk...er, limp, in tomorrow so he can stab me in my toe.  ER did offer Vicodin but I declined due to not being able to to drive after taking any. So 800mg of Advil and maybe a stiff drink to take the edge off.


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