Just keeping up with all the shelled creature posts around here with this crappy picture of Leafy, our 15 year old Russian tortoise...






We got him about 10 years ago from my maternal grandmother after one of her painting students (she is a retired accountant who now is an artist) found this tortoise in her mother’s backyard. Not knowing what to do with it, my grandmother’s student brought it to her class and my grandmother obligingly threw it into her fishpond. Now, tortoises do swim (albeit badly) but they do not live in water, so when we went over to her place for dinner a few days later we were confronted with a very grouchy tortoise who was making his way around the watery environment... We then were given custody of him and have had him ever since! His favorite foods are mainly dandelion and kitchen vegetable scraps (since my mom is a bit of a health nut and cooks a lot of kale and collard greens...)

So, how are you celebrating this turtle/tortoise day?