“I feel that life is measured in achievement, not in years alone.”
“I feel that life is measured in achievement, not in years alone.”
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My buddy formulated this conspiracy theory after playing the game “NekoPara”. As some back info, Kashou is the person you play as, who is a human. You are the only male in the game. The rest of them are cat females, and a few normal females.

Throughout the various games in the franchise, we have received various clues concerning the true nature of the society that Kashou lives in. I will specifically lay these undeniable truths in order, and the truth of the matter is that the Nekopara universe takes place in a dystopian society, far off into the future, after a mass genocide, as well as employing elements of mind control and secret agents who monitor the population.

  1. The Male Genocide: Kashou is the only male seen in the series. The aquarium attendant was female, the police officer, the tableware seller, every single person that Kashou actually sees with his own eyes is a female. Now wait, you may say, what about his father, who is mentioned frequently? Now, I’d like to draw attention to the fact that mother and father are never actually ever seen, even though they would likely want to see him just as much as Shigure. This leads us to the conclusion that Kashou’s parents are somehow, in some way, not really present... The only conclusion that we can draw from the fact that no males are present is that they were somehow eliminated by something. There is not a single instance of a disease in real life which discriminates based on gender alone (That would not be an advantage in any way, shape, or form for any sort of disease) meaning that the disease had to be engineered from the ground up. By humans. This was intentional - and as we have seen through the creation of catgirls through “genetic modification in labs”, it can be inferred that the society can clone and therefore has no need for human birth anymore. The only explanation is all-out gender warfare. The females unleashed a contagion upon, or perhaps outright exterminated, 99% of male humans. Here’s where the issue comes in - why did Kashou survive? Why is he here? His existence rules out the Auschwitz-style manual extermination, and means that it must have been a virus that exterminated the male population (since, inevitably, there will be a few who are immune to the virus) leaving Kashou alive.
  2. Why keep Kashou alive? If he can procreate with humans, then he can make more males who are immune to the virus, and thus begin the gender wars anew. This is specifically why Kashou is kept alive by the female dystopian government. They are using him for research. They are evaluating his DNA in secret in order to research a way to get past the immunity that Kashou possesses. He holds the secret to the survival of the male gender, and must be studied and researched. This is where Shigure, his “little sister” comes in. She is clearly an agent of the dystopian government, sent to monitor the actions of the catgirls. This will be explained next section, but keep that thought.
  3. The Existence of Catgirls. Why keep the catgirls around Kashou? Why integrate them into general society? It uses relatively straightforward reasoning. Because Kashou cannot be permitted to procreate with any fertile human for fear of immune children, the government must find ways to keep him on a leash so to speak. That is why he experiences every man’s dream. He gets to bone all the catgirls he wants, especially Chocola and Vanilla, who are just eager to please him. They fit the government agenda perfectly. They stop him from doing the one rebellious act which could completely total the dystopian society in which they live. It follows that the Catgirls are specifically designed to be infertile so that Kashou cannot have the possibility of creating another human male with supposed immunity (i’d also like to point out the fact that THERE ARE NO CATMALES, since females control the cloning facilities, thus catgirls must be cloned) Of course, the catgirls do not know of their sacred duty, and it follows that Shigure must monitor them.
  4. The “Bells” and Mind Control: The catgirls are kept in line by the bells. The bells control them and dampen their intelligence to a certain degree, while also maintaining absolute loyalty to their master. In Nekopara Vol 1, the ONLY time that ANY catgirl willingly disobeys their “master’s” orders is when their bells are off. This happens first when they do not leave La Soleil after Kashou tells them to go back to Shigure, and they also disobey Kashou’s orders at the end when they take their bells off and leave the house without his permission. And they LOVE their bells. They will never take them off unless their master orders them to. This is a clear sign that the bells influence their decisions and behavior to benefit the bells and their master. Not to mention the fact that the bells cause the catgirls to become radically in favor of pleasing their master in all circumstances. This also explains the “Bell Exam” which, according to Nekopara 2, is TWO DAYS. If they took a written test it could be over by the afternoon, but is expected to be TWO DAYS LONG. What happens during that time? Even worse, when Chocola and Vanilla were in danger of “failing” their bell tests (That is, not submitting to the parameters of the mind control devices) Shigure said it could be UP TO A WEEK. This is clear evidence that more goes on during these tests than we think. They are clearly doing some sort of conditioning procedures, or worse, forced reprogramming. This is additionally supported in Nekopara Volume 2, where you can clearly hear Chocola SCREAMING FOR HELP in the background while Kashou is called by Shigure in the middle of the night, as Shigure tells him that the test will take “longer than expected”.
  5. Kashou’s Origin? It’s quite simple really. What we have here is a vast and technologically capable society which has the powers of human cloning, genome modification, and advanced biological weaponry capable of enacting mass genocide on an entire gender. It follows that with such technology, the implementation of false memories or memory erases is very possible. This may also explain why Shigure, although her mission is to monitor both Kashou and the catgirls, is physically attracted to Kashou even though siblings are almost never actually physically attracted to each other in the real world. Kashou is one of the few survivors who is kept alive and studied. He is given a false world, with false memories, and a false life to serve the purposes of a genocidal female dystopian government.
  6. Elimination of Crime: There is no crime or evidence of social unrest in Nekopara. It is also explained that, within the area that Kashou lives, there is little to no crime. So little is the crime for two reasons: 1. Police officers and the enforcement of law is brutal and swift. The officer at the end of volume 1 raises two massive red flags: 1. The officer does not read to the person they are arresting their rights. The official Japanese arrest proceedings contain the following lines:

“During this period, the police are required to inform you of the crime of which you are suspected, of your right to remain silent, of your right to hire a lawyer at your own expense...”

But the police do not do this. This would be a clear violation under any sane government, but remember that the police officers do not inform you of these rights because you DO NOT have these rights. The government is controlling, and very brutal. You can be detained on the mere suspicion of a crime, and at the officers discretion. The second red flag comes up when the officer does not show her badge to Chocola and Vanilla while arresting them, which is also support for the fact that the police are brutal and the regime they serve under is oppressive (oddly enough, a very small amount of the police population is female, but the officer just happens to be female, which is additional support for the “male genocide” theory).

  1. Criminals are Melted Down, and turned into Catgirls. This one’s a stretch, but it also follows that, if the government were to maintain any sort of genetic diversity in a population of clones, there must be some random element to the matching of genes in order to compensate for the lack of genuine human reproduction. The solution is to randomly use different genes and elements of the DNA of the citizens,- sometimes by force. This is where the elimination of crime meets the existence of catgirls. Human criminals (minus the insane) have their STEM cells harvested by force for the production of catgirls. Catgirls cannot be created like normal clones because they are a hybrid species. You will need sufficient amounts of genetic material from both a human and a cat, and the right amount of STEM cells if you want to accomplish a human-cat hybrid. The destruction of criminals are necessary, but the catgirls, and the mission they undergo, are all the byproduct of this totalitarian policy.

With that I end my theory. There is more going on than at first appears. Spread the truth. Don’t let this happen. Do not let their crimes go unpunished.

TL;DR: Jet fuel can’t melt steel beams.

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