They Left San Isidro,

they started from Tijuana

they had tires from the car

packed full of weed

they were Emilio Varela,

and Camelia, the texan

They passed through San Clemente

they were stopped by migration

they asked for their documents

He asked them: "Where are they from?"

she was from San Antonio,

one female with a heart

If a female wants a man

she can give her life for him

but you have to be careful

if the female feels hurt,

treason and smuggling

are things that shouldnt be mixed

To los angeles they arrived

they went to Hollywood

and in a dark alley

they changed all four tires

there they delivered the grass,

and they also were paid there

Emilio tells Camelia

"Now do can go, farewell

with your cut

you can redo your life

I'm going to San Francisco

with the owner of my heart"

Seven bullets shot,

Camelia killed Emilio

the police only found

a gun on the floor

from the money and Camelia

they never heard of again.