For a few years now, I’ve been running WTB Nano Race tires on my old Raleigh. Recently I got a tear that was beyond patching and found the Nano is no longer available in 26". In fact, the only 26" WTB makes less than 2.2" wide is the same-as-it-was-in-1994 Velociraptor 2.1". I saw they were on sale for a silly low $22 at Nashbar and decided to buy a set, since they are front and rear specific. They are heavy buggers at over 800 grams with a 27 TPI case vs. 60 TPI on the Nano. But that means I should get less flats, which were a pretty common occurrence with the Nano. First impressions on a quick trip down an old gravel fire road were pretty good. They do feel heavy, but are sturdy and the paddle treads on the back grip darn well. The ride is expectedly firm, but they also feel very stable. On pavement was better than expected in terms of noise and rolling resistance, but I don’t plan to ride them on the street any real distance. Overall, they just feel right on the bike - a tire from the era that bike was made that look the part but also still work very well. There is a reason these have been in production so long and I’m excited to get out soon and give them a real thrashing.