Keeping track of repair costs on an old car is dumb

Well, my Z and I have officially made it 7 months and I’ve decided to stop keeping track of what I have in to the car. I don’t think I’ll be parting with it any time soon I just wanted to take some time to vent.

I purchased a 1984 300zx Turbo Anniversary Edition late last August at a below market rate (or below BaT completed auctions for what it’s worth) because it needed things....

Photo: At Radwood LA

Most notably the front bumper cover and drivers side fender which has been repaired poorly...

So far, I’ve addressed the blown out suspension with some PowerTrix Coilovers and new bushings. Along with that came wheel spacers for the stock wheels. Not long after, I decided to purchase Watanabes - saving me 6lbs per corner. Then, I had a shop change all the belts and fluids @ $150/hr for labor. Ouch... but there were no other recommended services.


Well - This morning I found a fuel leak at the front of the engine bay coming from a high pressure hose that connects the filter to the rail. I also found an oil leak coming from the driver side valve cover. I took the car to that same shop and they recommended changing all of the high pressure fuel lines and the filter - totaling just over $400.


I told em to just go ahead and do it. Am I a sucker to pay $150/hr. in labor? Maybe. I’ve stopped overthinking what I have in to the car and decided to just bring it in to this decade so it can be enjoyed.


What bothers me is that these issues are postponing me from fixing the few remaining cosmetic issues - things that I know no one else can see but I zero in on. I’m done venting, it’s truly a fantastic car that I’ve had the pleasure of driving over 2000 miles in half a year. Who can commiserate with me?

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