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Sometimes it’s easy to get bogged down in the monotony of car reviews, first drives and automotive industry news. But sometimes it’s just as easy to be busted out of that monotony.


My shot in the arm this month came from Brendan McAleer, one of the best automotive writers in Canada (North America? Well, Top Gear UK publishes him, too—) who has agreed to write for our website again!

To give you just a small taste, here’s his 2,500-word feature on Ken Carter, Canada’s answer to Evel Knievel.


In the late ’70s, the “Mad Canadian” began plotting what would have been the world’s greatest daredevil stunt, a mile-long jump across the St. Lawrence River in a rocket-propelled Lincoln.

“Later, Knievel admitted he personally would not attempt a jump this dangerous. This is from a man who jumps motorcycles over tanks filled with sharks,” writes McAleer.


Having Brendan back is great, but we’ve some other great content coming soon, too, and it’s all feeling like a great slump-buster. I’ll keep you apprised of the other stories we’ve lined up.

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