My birthday was this past Saturday, and my gift I ordered for myself arrived today.

The above Dell is actually very good for what it is (the one they gave you free circa 2008), but has been replaced with the new one.

This is the first (modern) mechanical keyboard I’ve owned. Inspired by a coworker (who is as in to keyboards as we are into cars), I picked it out a while ago and it so far is well worth it. This one is made by ‘ikbc’ and has Cherry MX Blue switches. It’s a good thing I live alone, because it’s loud - but it is very pleasant to type on. I also like the weight, since it doesn’t move around while I type like other lighter/cheaper keyboards do.


Expect my already rambling and long-winded posts to only get worse.

In automotive news, I’ve almost caught up on all the stuff I had backlogged from spending a couple months travelling for work, so progress should resume soon on the Chevelle’s winter work. Still waiting on a final price from the machine shop for the work on the block, though.

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