My mechanical keyboard (a Nixeus Moda) had an issue under warranty - Up and Left keys quit working. When I contacted them for warranty, they gave me the option of getting it replaced with the same model, or waiting and getting it replaced with the Moda V2. I waited, and got the new one today.

This is the old keyboard - Nixeus Moda with Kailh Brown switches and Costar stabilizers.

This is the new keyboard out of the box - Nixeus Moda V2 with Kailh Blue switches and Cherry stabilizers.


I couldn’t keep it stock, though - Kailh switches are Cherry MX-compatible so you can swap out the keycaps. This is it with a mix of Signature Plastics DSA Dolch (the dark keys) and DSA Granite (the light keys), and a DSA Eject key.


It looks pretty damn cool, but it’s not for the faint of heart. The board was only around $50, but the two sets of keycaps totaled around $150.