Keyboardlopnik update

Rampage for attention

So, after a long night, the keys for my 2000 Apple Pro Keyboard were clean and dry, so it was time to re-assemble. Most of the keys were factory fresh and clean now, and all popped in easy.


However, we did suffer some casualties along the way. Namely, three keys gave me trouble. First was the spacebar, whose small metal bar underneath had snapped off. It worked, but the spring was messed up leaving it with a knack to feel a tad spongy.

Next, the 3 key from the number pad had a rebound issue as well. The small rubber nub which kept the key from sticking to the keyboard had been damaged by the previous owner, so now it sticks to the keyboard. I think I can get a replacement, though.


And speaking of the number pad, the 0 key had been severely scored by the previous owner, leaving a nasty mark.

But otherwise, everything popped back in nicely, and the keyboard is clean(er). Here’s the results:


It’s not perfect, but it’s better than before. Next step is cleaning the case.

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