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Kia Amantis are Appreciating!

Ok, not appreciating but the market is doing a heavy readjustment into the positives because as you hit rock bottom, you can either bounce back or go splat. Depreciation works this way and thankfully the Kia Amanti has a little spring in its breeze.

It’s Pandemonium 2018 in the Kia Amanti market! Now that the older cars are without value, people are free to mark them high and let them fall again until they find their new market and value.


My personal Amanti is a 2006 with 107,000 miles and can turn corduroys from 8-wale to 16-wale because it knows about the finer things, kin. This working, running, creakless, leakless, reekless Amanti has a value so low that Progressive will total the car if I lock the keys in it.

I purchased this car nearly five years ago at $7,500 and honestly would spend the exact same amount on it today! But had I sold it myself just 6 months ago, I would have been lucky to get $3,000 at the top end. Now, I’d be able to list it for $6,000.


Hey, don’t act like the potential for hundreds and thousands of dollars isn’t real money to be excited over! Cars are expensive even when they are cheap, kin.

*Mine is not actually for sale. Dis my grandpa-baby.

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