Kia dealership owner collection is growing

Last time I came here the owner only had the two Chargers, the Landau, silver Opala, beige Beetle and the Benz. Now there are two more Opalas, three more Beetles and a Maverick

Mopar or no car was a thing here in Brazil as well
No idea what model this Mercedes is, but it looks like the front doors are suicide-like while the rear doors are normal
997 Turbo under the cover
This Beetle convertible was so lovely. Black/cream duo-tone, tan interior, impeccable state as well
Ford only started selling the Mustang in Brazil this year, so the Maverick was never overshadowed by its bigger brother here. It was Ford BR top dog, and a big competitor to the Opala and Dodge Dart
It may be of German origin, but the Opala and its 4.1 I6 is a Brazilian icon
Not a fan of the brown Landau top but those meaty tires are so right
Later model Opala. Although the car that spawned it, the Opel Reckord C, left production in 1971, the Opala soldiered on until 1992

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