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Kia Engine Bay Svending

I am a man afflicted by a large amount of mechanical sympathy and I also tend to anthropomorphize my cars to a certain extent.

With COVID-19 uncertainty and my ever changing financial priorities, it has become clear that the Kia may be my winter DD for at least the next year. I plan on diverting some $ to the truck, Fiesta and Sportwagen this summer, so that is going to eat up my car budget for some time.


The Kia has been sitting undriven since February (I run it from time to time and it has fuel saver in it) and it was looking a little unloved and made me sad. So I did a fairly quick clean of the engine bay for the first time ever.

Soon I will probably put a permit on it, drive it around for a day and give it a wash/wax before rolling it back in.

Illustration for article titled Kia Engine Bay Svending

Mothers cleaner with Chemical Guys Silk shine.

Also, I did all three engine bays of the newer cars and the Kia by far had the most room under there and all the plastics seem to be like...some sort of recycled cardboard composite? It’s weird.

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