So far from all the spyshots I’ve looked through, this thing is changing rapidly.

Functional hood vents on the model with quad exhaust.

No vents on the model with dual exhaust tips. If you look at the top of the windshield, you’ll notice Kia’s signature kink in the roof line (mirrors the tiger nose grill). That cue has been on the Optima and Sportage most of this decade, and probably some other models. A nice touch and a unique cue that most people don’t notice!

They also seem to have deleted the chrome “vent” from the side of the vehicle.


Here is a shot with that deleted vent from earlier this year for comparison. Strange it’s missing since it was on all the concept cars. It’s also pretty tacky, which usually makes the final cut.

Check out the amount of camo and the rack of that rear window and length of deck lid. That would be an impossibly small trunk opening. Also, note the exhaust tips here because they’re gone in the next picture. Oh, and fuel tank on the driver’s side (like all Hyundai-Kia products).


So this is that lower model I mentioned without the hood vents and the dual exhaust is on the passenger side.


Look at all that booty behind the back seats (which end directly over the center of the wheels)! You wouldn’t be able to reach the back of the cargo area through that tiny, awkward, low opening...unless it’s actually a hatch! Please let it be a RWD hatch. Odd it doesn’t have a panoramic sunroof though.

There are also rumors going that it could end up with a manual (probably a year after launch depending on reception, and maybe just for AUS). All we know is that the turbocharged 3.3L V6 is going in here making either 365 hp or 390 hp. I say it won’t top 365 hp (just so Im not disappointed if this isnt pushing 400 hp). The GT probably won’t have a variant above that model unless the reception is explosive and a majority of the sales are top end trims. Oh, plus AWD being avaliable, which would make it the first non-CUV KIA to have AWD (in the US anyways).